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Urban Klima 2050

The LIFE Integrado Urban Klima 2050 project is the Basque Country's largest climate action project for the coming years. Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. It will also propose a series of actions in areas of adaptation and mitigation, with a view to in radically improving the Basque Country's resistance to climate change.

To this end, Urban Klima 2050 will build cross-cutting actions intended to integrate different instruments of resilience in cities and towns. It will make public authorities a role model in combatting climate change. It will implement innovative actions that can be applied in target sectors. It will generate knowledge that can be incorporated into decision-making processes. It will create participation processes for co-designing solutions with key agents and the general public and will empower citizens to make a lasting commitment to the environment.

Through these actions, Urban Klima 2050 will transform the Basque territory, coordinating a total of 40 climate-change adaptation projects and actions over its six-year lifespan. It will also facilitate the effective roll-out of the Basque Climate Change Strategy.

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Urban Klima 2050

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