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This Legal Disclaimer regulates use of the website (hereafter, “the Site”) owned by ENTE VASCO DE ENERGIA (EVE), Tax Number: Q5150001E, address: Alameda de Urquijo, 36, 1ª Planta, 48011, Bilbao (Bizkaia), tel: +34 944035600, e-mail:
Use of the Site requires explicit acceptance by the user of all clauses of this Legal Disclaimer, and any specific caveats or clauses established for the procurement of certain services, products or usage of certain areas of the Site.
If the user does not agree to the terms of this Legal Disclaimer, he/she must refrain from accessing and/or using the services and/or contents made available on the Site, and must leave the Site.


The user undertakes not to use the Site to carry out activities that are contrary to law, morality and public order and, in general, to make good use thereof in accordance with the conditions set out in this Legal Disclaimer. Likewise, it undertakes not to perform activities of a commercial or advertising nature by submitting messages using a false identity.
EVE's liabilities with regard to the Site extend solely to its function as the provider of a service of information on its own services. It shall not be held liable for any contents that might be submitted or posted by users in breach of these general conditions, the user being solely responsible for the veracity and legality thereof.
EVE may interrupt the Site service being used by the user and may immediately terminate its relationship with the user if it detects use of the site or any of the services offered therein that might be deemed to contravene the terms of this Legal Disclaimer


The entirety of this Site, namely the text, images, brands, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, combinations of colours, and the structure, selection, lay-out and presentation of the contents thereof, are protected by laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property. Any reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation is prohibited, unless it be for personal and private use.
EVE does not guarantee that the contents are accurate or free of error, nor that the user's free use of same does not infringe the rights of third-parties. Proper or improper use pf this site and its contents are at the user's own responsibility.
Likewise, the total or partial reproduction, rebroadcasting, copy, transfer or republication of the information contained on the Site, whatever its purpose and the medium used, shall be prohibited unless prior authorisation has been received from EVE.


The Site may include links to third-party sites. Sites belonging to third parties have not been reviewed or inspected by EVE. In no case may EVE be held liable for the contents of such websites nor for any measures adopted with regard to users' privacy or the processing of their personal data.
EVE recommends that you read the terms of use and privacy policy of these sites carefully.
If you would like to add a link to any of EVE's webpages you must notify us and obtain our explicit consent to create the link. EVE reserves the right to oppose activation of links to its website.


EVE reminds any adult users with children in their care that they are exclusively responsible for deciding what services and/or contents are suitable or unsuitable for said children’s age-group.
You are reminded that computer programs are freely available allowing you to filter and restrict access to certain contents and services, thus enabling parents and guardians, for example, to decide what Internet content and services children can and cannot access.


EVE shall not be held directly nor severally liable for:
  • Service quality, access speed, correct functioning, availability or continuity of the Site.
  • Any damage caused to the user's computer by use of the Site.
  • Incidents in which a third party, violating the security measures established, accesses messages or uses them to transmit a computer virus.
  • Faults and defects of any kind in the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored or otherwise made available.
  • The legality, reliability and usefulness of contents transmitted by users making use of the site or of the services provided thereon, nor their veracity or accuracy. EVE does not monitor use made by users of the Site, nor does it guarantee that they do so in accordance with the terms of this Legal Disclaimer.
Inter alia and without limitation, users shall be responsible for:
  • Any contents entered by them, especially data and information entered and submitted to EVE via or on the Site.
  • The performance of any type of action that is unlawful, infringes rights, or is harmful and/or damaging.
  • The submission of false or incorrect data.


This Legal Disclaimer shall be subject to Spanish law. For any dispute arising from use of the services offered or the contents of the Site, the Parties, in acceptance of the terms of this Legal Disclaimer, submit to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals of Bilbao (Bizkaia), Spain.


The ENTE VASCO DE LA ENERGIA (“EVE”) does not express or offer guarantees of any kind, either explicit or implicit, on the functioning of its website (“the website”) or on the information, content, figures, tables, graphs, software, materials or products (“the data”) contained in it, as far as applicable legislation allows. The EVE is also exonerated from providing any guarantees, either explicit or implicit, including, among others, implicit guarantees of suitability for a particular purpose. The EVE will not be liable for any data or their accuracy and veracity, nor for damages of any kind that may arise from the use of the data and the website including, among others, direct and indirect damages.
Neither will the EVE be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from the interruption of the service by the website, nor for its continuity. Likewise, the EVE accepts no liability for possible security errors or defects that may arise through the use, by the User, of a version of a search engine that is not updated or secure, as well as for the activation of devices to keep usernames or passwords registered in the search engine, or for any damage, errors or inaccuracies that may be derived from the defective functioning of the same.
The EVE does not issue guarantees of any kind, neither express or implicit, regarding the information that is transmitted, distributed, published or stored on the website, nor regarding the use that Users, their employees or third parties may make of this information.
The User will be held to account for damages of any kind that EVE may suffer as a result, directly or indirectly, of any breach of the Terms of Use of the website by the User.
In publications and any other form of dissemination of results (congresses, seminars, courses, reports, communiqués, etc.) that make use of the data available on the website, the participation of the EVE should be recognised and mentioned. 
Any context extracted from the website must be accompanied by a reference to the EVE.
The data will only be used for the purpose for which they were obtained, and they may not be reproduced, transferred or distributed, either completely or partially and in no form that has not received the prior authorization in writing by the EVE.


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