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Energibasque strategy

Energibasque Energibasque is the strategy for the technological and industrial development of the Basque Country, and one the areas of deployment of the energy strategy for estrategia Euskadi by 2020 (3E2020).

The main objective is to convert the Basque Country into a knowledge hub and industrial development benchmark in the energy sector worldwide.

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Strategic objectives

The strategic objectives of Energibasque are:


Consolidate trailblazing Basque companies as technological benchmarks in their energy areas, generating a knock-on effect throughout the value chain that is focused on high value-added products.


Develop business activities in new, emerging areas of energy in which the industrial fabric and scientific-technological stakeholders can avail themselves of a technological basis that represents a good starting position.


Based on the investments made under the umbrella of 3E2020, generate new opportunities and markets in the energy field that can be exploited by the industrial fabric of the Basque Country.

Selected technological areas

To put its objectives into practice, EnergiBasque is structured around 7 strategic areas, 2 facilitating technological areas and three New Value Chains: Smart Grids, Offshore and Resource Efficient Manufacturing.

Scheme of the Energibasque strategy

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