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Wind power

Wind power exploits the energy contained in the wind to generate mechanical and electrical energy through wind turbines. It comes from the sun, as the difference in temperature generated by the sun in the masses of air in the atmosphere create the winds, which is why it is a continuous and inexhaustible source.

A leader among renewables, wind power is one of the sources that has seen the greatest expansion, mainly due to its slight impact on the environment and a gradual reduction in costs, meaning that it is now a clean, competitive energy that is economically viable.

Wind power advantages


  • It is a safe, clean and renewable energy.
  • It does not emit greenhouse gases (CO2, SO2, NOx)
  • Its installation is compatible with other land uses
  • If offers greater social benefits than conventional energies
  • It represents an economic boost to the municipalities where it is installed.
  • It has positive effects on regional development and employment
  • It contributes towards self-sufficiency and improves the security of electricity supplies.


  • The discontinuous nature of the wind.
  • A certain visual impact, as it modifies the landscape.
  • Noise around the wind farm.

Offshore wind farms

Offshore wind farms are common in northern Europe. These turbines can produce many megawatts, so their capacity for generating electricity is much higher than turbines on land. Euskadi is leading research work to make floating offshore wind power a reality in deep waters like those off the Basque coast. Technology companies are developing R&D projects in the field and are expected to test their prototypes soon at the open-sea research facility BiMEP, located off the coast near Armintza.

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