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Ente Vasco de la Energía

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Ente Vasco de la Energía

1. Institutional and organisational information Link Download PDF
Act creating the organisation -  
Decree on Governing Bodies -  
Management Board -  
Organisation chart   -
Public charges   -
Staff -  
Code of conduct -  
Annual Report -  
Quality, Environment and Prevention Policy -  
Quality and Environment certificates -   
Equality plan -  
Developed functions -  
Legegunea, Regulations of the Basque Country   -
Authorization resolutions or compatibility recognition - None
2. Information on planning and assessment Link Download PDF
3E2030 Energy Strategy   -
EnergiBasque Strategy   -
Observatory of energy context   -
Annual energy balance and figures   -
Basque Territorial Sector Wind Plan (2013 Analysis)   -
Energy projects   -
Quality plan -  
Prevention plan -  
Statistical information of the service -  
Supplier valuation -  
Environmental performance -  
Carbon footprint and avoided emissions    
Basque Hydrogen Strategy   -
Basque Energy Transition - Energiaren Bidea   -
Basque electric mobility strategy   -
Strategic Plan for Energy Transition and Climate Change   -
3. Information on activity with an economic impact Link Download PDF
Aid and grants     
Agreements -  
Management responsibilities -  
Strategic Grant Plan -  
Anti-fraud measures plan   -
Institutional declaration to fight fraud -  
Resuscitation and Resilience Mechanism Complaint Box   -
4. Information on public activity Link Download PDF
Press and news   -
Symposia and courses   -
Publications   -
Basque Government   -
Irekia   -
5. Economic, budgetary and asset information Link Download PDF
Budget   -
Audited annual accounts, Settlement of capital and operating budgets and Report on fulfilment of planned targets   -
Real estate owned   -
Remuneration of posts and leading managers   -
Allowances   -
Annual statements of assets and activities   -
General budget clearance account   -
6. General information Links Download PDF
Affiliates   -
Mission, Vision and Values   -
Other information from the energy area   -
7. Access to public information Links Download PDF
Exercise the right of access to public information   -
GARDENA - Transparency of the Basque Government    

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