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WEBINAR. Turbowave, pre-commercial public purchase of air turbines for the wave energy sector

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The webinar aims to present the key aspects of the recently published tender process documents and facilitate the submission of proposals. The initiative aims to accelerate the development of air turbine technologies that meet the needs of the wave energy sector, and in particular the technical requirements of the Mutriku wave power plant.


This online information session will review the key aspects of the initiative and help organisations produce the strongest possible proposals .
The Basque Energy Agency (EVE) will provide a thorough explanation of all aspects of the tender, including the requirements, eligibility, IPR considerations and evaluation criteria. 
The webinar will also include a Q&A session where interested organisations can put questions about initiative or the tendering process.



Language of the seminar: English.

10:00 Opening.
Endika Aldaiturriaga, project manager in the area of Renewable Energy and Resource Development.
10:05 Objetives of the tender.
Reference activities and results.
10:25 Call for Tenders
Tender documentation (Administrative; Technical; Financial)
•    Exclusion criteria (standard public procurement)
•    Selection criteria (insurances; guarantees …
•    Compliance criteria

Financial Compensation scheme (Royalties).
Award criterias.
10:45 Applying to the call
Procurement timeline.
Use of the PCPE (Plataforma de contratación pública de Euskadi)
11:00 Q&A.
11:20 Closing session.


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