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1. Institutional and organisational information Link PDF
Decree creating the organisation - PDF
Statutes - PDF
Board of Directors - PDF
Organisation chart - PDF
Public charges No public charges -
Staff - PDF
Annual Report - PDF
Developed functions - PDF
Legegunea, normativa del País Vasco LINK -
Resoluciones de autorización o reconocimiento de compatibilidad - -
2. Information on planning and assessment Link PDF
3E2030 Energy Strategy LINK -
EnergiBasque Strategy LINK -
Observatory of energy context LINK -
Annual energy balance and figures LINK -
Energy projects LINK -
Prevention plan - PDF
Statistical information of the service - No existe
3. Information on activity with economic impact Link PDF
Aid and grants - No se otorgan
Contracts LINK PDF
Agreements - PDF
Management responsibilities - PDF
4. Information on public activity Link PDF
Press and news LINK -
EVEntos newsletter LINK -
Symposia and courses LINK -
Publications LINK -
5. Economic, budgetary and asset information Link PDF
Budget LINK -
Audited annual accounts, Settlement of capital and operating budgets and Report on fulfilment of planned targets LINK -
Bienes inmuebles en propiedad LINK -
Retribuciones a cargos y máximos responsables LINK  
Indemnizaciones LINK  
Declaraciones anuales de bienes y actividades LINK  
6. General information Link PDF
Affiliates LINK -
Other information from the energy area LINKLINK -
Contact LINK -
7. Acceso a información pública Link PDF
Ejercitar derecho de acceso a información pública LINK -